Tessera is essentially a "data pump" program built for MineSense Technologies to send raw mine site data into the cloud for easy aggregation and review. It was designed and built by myself and three other BCIT students during my third term client project in the fall of 2014. The project encompassed the entire project lifecycle, including:

  • regular client meetings and updates
  • gathering business requirements and proposing solutions
  • exploring options for technologies
  • systems design and integration
  • implementing test cases to ensure product stability
  • creating and reviewing project documentation

Tessera was developed on Linux with C++ programs on the mine side that package and send JSON files over SSL to a node.js RESTful API on an AWS server. My main responsibilities aside from the project elements listed above were to design and implement the queuing program in C++ for the mine side of the system.

Note-To-Myself Website Cloning

Note-To-Myself is a website created by my PHP option course instructor. We were instructed to copy the website's functionality as closely as possible. The various features of the website include:

  • account creation/registration
  • hashed passwords
  • account lockouts on too many failed login attempts
  • automatic emails sent on registration, account lockout, and account confirmation
  • timed sessions - inactive users will be logged out
  • saving images, notes, and http links in a database on a per user basis

I cloned Note-To-Myself's functionality by creating the website from scratch using the PHP MVC framework Laravel in the fall of 2014. I used Laravel's database migrations with a MySQL database to build the database structure. I also used Mandrill to set up automatic mail for registrations and account lockouts.

Fowl Space

Fowl Space is an Adobe Flash-based, 2D, action-platforming video game for the PC (yeesh!). It was built by myself and three other university students during and after our final year at Simon Fraser University. Fowl Space was released on Steam in March, 2012.

My main contributions were level design, building engaging enemy encounters, music composition, sound design, 2D asset creation, and, of course, testing. Lots of testing.

Life Through The Lens

Life Through The Lens is a photo gallery website built to showcase the work of a single photographer. It was made by myself and a group of three other students COMP 1536-Web Development in the first semester of my program at BCIT. It uses HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL to display images and their relevant information, allow sorting by tags, and provide user login and saving of preferences.

As team lead for this project, I was responsible for keeping our team on task and consistently reaching milestones. I was also responsible for overall site design, PHP and MySQL scripting to access single photos and their information, building the commenting system, building the database that houses photo, user and comment information, managing content access for members, and integrating the jQuery plugin prettyPhoto.